Alba Parietti dissociates itself from what happened to Sheets and sticks the Crown from the social: not a bit late to do it?


Published on Mar 05, 2019


After the live of the famous Island 2019 Alba Parietti decided to write a long post on social to tell them what she was feeling after the evening very difficult. Decided to write this post to dissociate themselves from what has been said by Fabrizio Corona in the video message sent to Riccardo fogli. Sin, however, that in direct to have it attached to the entrepreneur, but has not taken a position on this clear in this story. The real problem, in fact, in the opinion of the public, is the decision to base broadcast the message of Fabrizio Corona, in addition to the content.

And it is also for this reason that many, many people have pointed out the thing about social media, responding to Alba Parietti in making them notice that you would have to say his live, take a net position, don't do it after home on the social.

In any case, here's what he has written, Alba Parietti on his profile on Instagram.

Here are the words of Dawn on social:

I want to tell you how I feel.For honest intellectual. Mulled it by two hours. I have a sore stomach.
Mortified ,apologetic. Unfortunately, very touched , and sad , I already said what I thought ,in the direct, but the content of the video Crown , it left me a bitter taste in the mouth , for the desire to injure a person as Richard,who does not deserve it, but no one deserves this, already on the ground, already wounded , already offended by the situation complicated and delicate.
I'm sorry if this will cause suffering ( I already said) to innocent people. . I'll take responsibility of what I say, but I dissociate myself from the contents of that video because the dignity of the people,is first of all, even of my work, and conveniences , because we all need to say to you all have to admit that the tone was unbearable and the words used are offensive. and trampling over the feelings of a person already in serious trouble .
I'll take responsibility, but I apologize to the people that rightly me have pointed out.

What do you think of the words of Dawn? Too late?

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