Alanis Morissette update the text and Ironic now is dying from laugh

Published on May 16, 2016

Ironic you should know it all already.
And the nice thing is that you should know even if in the ’90's not yet you have listened to the music, you don't like Alanis Morissette and you can't remember of what it was like to be teenagers at the time when MTV sent eighteen times a day, the video of a chick in the car who played the other four tizie.
You should know why Ironic now part of the western pop culture of the last thirty years.
It's like certain disks of Baptists that you know the memory, even if you have never purchased that video, it is useless to pretend that, no, you have definitely seen. There's no escaping.

The other evening She was the guest of James Corden, the presenter of the "Late Show" more awesome of the moment (the one that hosts the famous musicians to do karaoke in his car), and together they have rewritten Ironic, inserting in the text the ones that are the daily misfortunes that can happen to you today, in 2016, over the years, Amazon and Snapchat, Smartphones, and Tinder, which are completely different from the bad luck of the years’90.
You want to make a comparison?
Here is the original:

And here the version – hilarious – updated to this:


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