Alain Delon illness for the actor, but the worst seems to be past


Published on Aug 09, 2019


The actor is struck by a cerebral hemorrhage: now the conditions are stable

The family wanted to make known the terms of Alain Delon, by clarity on the matter. On the 14th June, the actor was struck down by cerebral haemorrhage and rushed to hospital Neully, in Paris. After a period of convalescence, she is now recovering in a clinic in switzerland.

The event has naturally caused concern took the family. Alain Delon, according to the bulletins of the physicians, had reacted well to the illness, returning soon conscious and in good health. The news then stops, until the moment in which his dear ones have decided to express themselves publicly.

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Anthony Delon, son of Alain, spoke to the press, stating that the conditions of the father were perfect, and stable. “Alain Delon is back in Switzerland, and rests quietly in a clinic. My sister who currently resides there, closely follows the period of convalescence and keeps us informed of his progress daily,” concludes Anthony Delon.

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Just before the illness, Alain delone peak was awarded with the palme d'or for lifetime achievement at the Cannes film Festival. In his career he has played different roles that have made him famous. Remember Rocco in “Rocco and his brothers” (1960), prince Tancredi in “il Gattopardo” (1963), the killer Jeff in “Frank Costello had the face of an angel” and the baron de Charlus in “Swann in love” (1984).

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