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Published on Dec 19, 2018


A musical Disney on a small-time thief who befriends a genie and falls in love with a princess is not a premise that comes to mind when you think of Guy Ritchie, best known for his films of the thriller genre. But the british director believes to be able to say with this remake, which has also gained the cover of EW.

“My skills and experience could add enough to make it fresh and worthy, but not so much to sweep away the nostalgia,” said Ritchie to EW, “ do a children's film was very attractive to me.”

Aladdin is a movie of 2019, co-written and directed by Guy Ritchie, and, among others, played by Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Will Smith, and Marwan Kenzari.

The film, a live-action draws inspiration from the movie Aladdin, and as it is inspired by the famous tales of eastern thousand and one nights.

Will arrive in Italy on the 22nd of may 2019.

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