Al GF VIP tonight three new vippone: aspiring competitors wanted


Published on Feb 17, 2020


This fourth edition of Big Brother Vip is really full of surprises and twists. This evening, Monday 17 February 2020, will be broadcast in the early evening on Channel 5, a new episode of the reality show and the topics of the meeting with Alfonso Signorini and his ‘vipponi’ will be a lot of. But among the many themes, there is also a great news, the three big news to say it better. There will be, in fact, the entry of three new competitors, all three women. “Three new aspiring competitors will pass through the red door: who will be able to stay longer in the house of Cinecittà? And how will they be accepted by the vipponi?” are the words of the official press release.

What all the loyal viewers of the Big Brother Vip is asking now is who are these new faces of the show that will make entry into the house most watched of Italy? There are several names circulating in the last hours, one such example is that of Teresanna Pugliese, which could land in reality after its role as a tronista of Men and Women and a columnist in the program by Barbara d'urso.

The names made in these hours however, are different and many are the hypothesis.

One among all is the one of Patrizia Rossetti. For those who does not know it, the woman is known to be the queen of telesales, but also for his participation on the reality show adventure Beijing Express. The Rossetti participated in Beijing in pair with Maria Teresa Ruta and the Lord of the tv, they won the program in 2018. The possible entry of Patrizia Rossetti might, therefore, worry about the other competitors of Big Brother after the triumph in Beijing Express? There is to be said that Rossetti had been the Big Brother in an interview after participating in Beijing. And if you really get in the house, undoubtedly the thing will open up new controversy.

In addition to Patrizia Rossetti, to be able to enter the house, there could be Sara Tommasi, and Arianna David. The two women are already known to the public tv Channel 5. Sara is a showgirl, and before the start of Big Brother Vip had declared that would come in the house most spied in Italy, but after a few weeks from the start of the reality show. And perhaps it was time to open the red door to the Tommasi? The other woman that might make his entrance in the house is the former Miss Italy Arianna David that the world of reality already knows. Arianna has, in fact, already participated in The island of the Famous, but between Cayo Paloma and the house, the differences are few. How it will end?

We will have to wait for the appointment this evening, Monday, February 17, with Alfonso Signorini and his fourth edition of Big Brother Vip to find out if they will be right with the lord, which were leaked in the names in these hours, to enter the house most watched of Italy.

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