Al Bano Carrisi: the betrayal that cut the legs of the singer-songwriter

Published on Sep 20, 2018

Al Bano Carrisi disappointed to have been robbed on his estate in Cellino San Marco

In the last few months all we do is talk about Al Bano Carrisi and his family for the events of gossip. This time, however, it is something unpleasant: the singer from salento has been robbed. Yesterday Barbara D'urso is connected from the study of ‘Afternoon Five’ to the estate of Cellino San Marco.

The journalist has spoken of what happened in the property of the Carrisi, claiming to have spoken with the Teacher. The latter, however, not if it is felt to go in front of the cameras because it is very sad and disappointed.

Al Bano Carrisi is convinced that the theft in his estate in Cellino San Marco is the work of a conspiracy. In the course of last night are thieves entered his property and took away several useful tools for the cleaning of the forest and of the whole estate.

A material damage, but, above all, the moral to The Bano who says she is saddened and outraged. Of course, that of the singer-songwriter from puglia is only a suspicion but for the moment there are no concrete evidence on what they think.

In the course of yesterday's installment of the ‘Afternoon Five’, Barbara D'urso told the audience he had heard on the phone, Al Bano Carrisi. According to the singer-songwriter salentino theft on his property is not the work of simple criminals, but there is something else. For the Master comes to any of his close associate from the time that sneak inside the estate of Cellino San Marco is virtually impossible. To The Bano it is necessary a good knowledge of the interior. They are now investigating the local police force.

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