AirPower, here are the three problems that have convinced Apple to start over from scratch


Published on Sep 17, 2018


More details are emerging about the problems that Apple is facing with its AirPower, the pad for wireless charging presented a year ago and which have been lost even on the official site.

Sonny Dickson has published a report that describes three different problems that have prevented Apple to bring to market the charger AirPower.

Citing sources close to Apple, Dickson says that the first problem is that of overheating. The pad produces too much heat and this adversely affects the charging rate of the devices resting on the surface. Also, the heat is to overload the chip inside the AirPower necessary to manage the scaled-down version of iOS in your device.

The second problem concerns the communications software that serves the AirPower to interact with the iPhone. Such software is called a “buggato”, especially with regard to the transfer of the charging data of the various devices. One of the most interesting functions of AirPower is one that allows the user to read them on your iPhone charging status of the devices that are on the pad.

The third problem is of a structural type. The AirPower allows you to recharge up to three devices at once, without the user having to worry about their position on the mat. All of this is made possible by the presence of various coils (21 to 24) of different sizes. A large number of coils has caused, however, a series of problems of interference between the same, reducing the efficiency of charging and causing excessive heat.

Dickson does not know if the project was finally abandoned by Apple, but very likely the company has completely abandoned the old project to start from scratch. It is therefore likely that the AirPower is totally different in the internal structure will be launched only in the second half of 2019.

To be sure, however, it is a real flop and we ask why Apple has decided to present to the public a product that is not yet ready. Excess of optimism, or severe deficiencies in the processes of testing before the supposed launch?

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