AirPower between ads and delays, but Apple is not the first time


Published on Apr 13, 2018


What happened to the charger AirPower announced by Apple months ago? For now, no news yet, but already in the past, the company has announced products that have been launched after months, giving rise to confusion and criticism on the part of the users.

As noted by AppleInsider, considering only the last few years, the Apple Watch was the first “modern” to be announced well before its actual availability. The smartwatch was presented to the September 9, 2014 along with the iPhone 6, with Apple that it announced the availability “by the beginning of 2015“.

The launch date precise was not announced until the event “Spring Forward” march 9, 2015, when the company did know that the Apple Watch would be available from April 24, 227 days after its submission.

With the AirPods, Apple has taken a shorter time span between the announcement and the actual launch. The AirPods were in fact presented with the iPhone 7 the 7 September 2016, with a launch date expected in the month of October“. In the end, the earphones were placed on the market only in December, because of a series of production problems. Many users were concerned about the fact that the first models might have some problem, but fortunately it was not so.

The speaker smart Apple was presented on June 5, 2017, at the annual WWDC. During the presentation, Apple had talked about availability in December of the same year, but in the end, the HomePod has been marketed starting from February 8, 2018, 248 days after its submission.

On April 4, 2017, the Apple executives Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi and John Ternus made a series of promises on the renewal of the line hardware Pro of Apple. The promises related to the Apple display Pro, an iMac with hardware as a “server grade” and a new Mac Pro “modular”.

The iMac Pro is only arrived on the 14th of December, 255 days after the first formal presentation, while the Mac Pro and Apple display Pro will arrive only in 2019.

We get to see perhaps the most painful, because AirPower is an accessory that is much awaited by the owners of the new iphones and the Apple Watch. The pad of the wireless charging has not been a release date, and now are past 213 days from its presentation.

Compared to a few years ago, the number of devices launched by Apple with net delay is substantially increased. The market forces present new devices and new models, with rhythms that are precise, and often Apple not able to guarantee the production quality in time that you established initially. Rather than release devices with limited features or with problems of a certain importance, and rightly, Apple prefers to delay the marketing. Now, consumers expect new iPhone in the autumn, and the new Apple Watch before the end of the year the new ipads in the spring, the new MacBook in the summer, and so on. The problem is that today, Apple no longer seems to be able to comply with all of the “deadlines”. And some of the ads may also cannibalize the sales of current devices. For example, today many prefer to wait for the Mac Pro in 2019 rather than buy the iMac Pro launched few months ago.

Is there a solution? This we cannot say, but certainly Apple needs to improve the management of presentations/launches of its products. Maybe, the company might expect to have solved all the problems before announcing a product, giving the maximum one of 90 days between filing and the actual launch.

What do you think?

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