AirPower, arrival scheduled for the end of march


Published on Mar 13, 2018


Also DigiTimes reports that the AirPower, the pad of Apple's wireless that allow you to recharge up to three devices at the same time, will be available at the end of march.

According to DigiTimes, suppliers in asia have increased the production of the components of AirPower, a sign that its launch is now near. This entry confirms what they have read in the past with other rumor, all agree in the planned launch at the end of march.

According to this latest report, the AirPower will have a maximum power of charging is equal to 29W. It is not clear if this figure refers to a single device or to all devices at the same time.

AirPower using the protocol of Qi and is capable of charging up to three devices at the same time. The base is also able to detect the position of the device to better manage the load. Currently, all of the other chargers wireless Qi let you charge only one device at a time. With the AirPower we can then reload at the same time iPhone (X, 8, 8 Plus), Apple Watch Series 3 and the new AirPods through its housing. The devices may be placed in any point of the pad. Qi is based on the induction between two coils which provide the appropriate power to the device that requires charging. The base station contains a transmit coil that generates an oscillating magnetic field that, in turn, induces alternating current in the field of reception. AirPower does not use position-specific, as instead happens for the other bases on the market. Remember that, even with the use of the protocol Qi, AirPower can be used only with Apple devices.

At the moment there is no information on the price, even if you are talking about 199 dollars for the United States.


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