Air of crisis between Prince William and Kate Middleton?


Published on Dec 18, 2019


In the course of the episode “A Berry Royal Christmas”, BBC programme, aired on Monday, December 16, Kate Middleton seemed to get away from her husband, William, who had gently resting a hand on his shoulder. The episode occurred while the duke and duchess of Cambridge spoke with the volunteers of some of the charities, during the christmas party that the Royals have organized for them.

Some viewers argue that there is nothing to worry about: Kate was simply avoiding a demonstration of affection in public, as these events are not particularly appreciated by the Queen. Others, on the contrary, claim that it was a rather “embarrassing” for the speed with which the Duchess has moved away from her husband.

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On Twitter, many users have commented on the incident, which has been interpreted in two different ways. Some have written: “the Moment is too embarrassing, they would have to cut it!”, or “I react the same way when my mother touches me on the shoulder, does not make me feel at ease.”

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Others argue that people have misunderstood the behavior of the Duchess. “Kate is very happy when William the resting the hand on the shoulder, and simply moves when the husband retracts his hand,” says a fan of Kate Middleton; and another says: “Kate has done well to move, it would have been embarrassing, as if we intromettessimo in a private moment”. Still another defends the Dukes: “I really like the way they interact, it is extremely serious and professional”.

William and Kate met and fell in love at university, in 2001, and from there you are left. They were married in 2011, and today they have three beautiful children: George (6 years), Charlotte (4 years old) and the little Louis, of just 8 months.

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