Air conditioning, how to use it with the kids: 5 tips for a correct use


Published on Jun 22, 2019


The air conditioning you can use with the children? Of course yes, as long as it is done in the right way. Today we want to give you 5 tips for a correct use of the air conditioner when in the house there are children of every age group. In fact the air conditioning in and of itself does not hurt but can be harmful if you overdo it, for example, with too low temperatures, or if the direction of the air jet should be worn by people. We then discover how to use correctly this tool really useful on hot summer days.

TEMPERATURES SHOULD NOT BE TOO LOW: The use of air conditioning in the house is granted, even in the presence of children and infants, as long as the temperatures are not too low. With respect to the starting temperature, to make the environment more fresh and livable, can be lowered a maximum of 4-5 degrees. Also in the car the same applies. If you get into the car and the temperatures are hot, you must immediately put on the air conditioning to the maximum. The ideal would be to instead turn on the air a few minutes before the child should go up to the edge, thus make the environment less hot.

CLEAN FILTERS OFTEN: For a correct use of the air conditioning with the children, but even without it, it is essential to clean filters often, at least every two weeks. This is true both for the house and for the car. In the first case you can do it with the vacuum cleaner, or rinse the filters with water, making them dry in the shade. For auto cleaning to be done by the mechanic. In this way, it prevents the possible spread of bacteria and molds in the environment, which can proliferate in the filters of the air leading to respiratory problems.

WHY USE DEHUMIDIFICATION: When you set the air conditioner to reach the desired temperature, you can opt then for dehumidification. By removing the excessive humidity is going to decrease the sensation of heat.

OFTEN CHANGE AIR AT HOME: When you use air conditioning, especially if in the house there are children, it is important to open several times a day the windows to change air. In this way you can avoid the accumulation of pollutants inside the rooms of the house.

AIR CONDITIONING AND BABIES, WHAT to DO: Even with infants you can use the air conditioning, as long as the air jet is directed upwards. This is true even for older children. In reality, with newborns, the air can be of help to make them sleep better in a cooler environment.

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