Ai Yazawa (NANA) produces new illustrations unpublished


Published on Oct 03, 2018


Ai Yazawa, the author of the popular NANA, signed 31 illustrations and unpublished, for the book on the history of street fashion men's Seijiro Sato, "Street" Trad will be on sale from 5 October 2018 in the libraries of the japanese at a price of 1620 Yen (14 Euros).

Below is a glimpse of the illustrations created by the author:

Ai Yazawa has unfortunately interrupted the DWARF, in 2009, the result of serious health problems from which does not yet seem to have fully recovery.

In the last five years has gradually picked up the tools of the trade to create a chapter of the manga, The Room Junko, covers unpublished for the re-release of his past successes (Paradise Kiss, the Last rays of the Moon), the illustrations for the calendar 2016 of Nana, the cover for the last number of the hard-copy of the fashion magazine, Rola, a mini-manga special for the number of Cookies on the 26 November 2016 and an artwork for the single " Iiwake of JUJU 11 October 2017.

The sense of a declaration on the future of NANA is still doing discuss fans.

Source: ANN

Ai Yazawa (NANA) produces new illustrations unpublished is




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