Agents of SHIELD: the 100th episode will reveal the covenant between [SPOILER]


Published on Feb 20, 2018


The fifth season of Agents of SHIELD sees the team engaged in an adventure in space and in the future. When the series will start next march 2, the group will be returned to Earth and will try to avoid the end of the world.


One of the greatest mysteries remained unresolved by the fourth season, is the secret pact that Phil Coulson has made with Ghost Rider to be possess by the Spirit of Revenge, and you can defeat AIDA, an artificial intelligence that has assumed the identity of Madame Hydra.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the terms of the covenant between Coulson and Ghost Rider will be revealed in the hundredth episode.

Clark Gregg, the interpreter of Coulson: “The fans who are hoping that the 100th episode contains a disturbing event that has a resonance giant on their feelings, after 100 episodes, will not be disappointed.”

In the mid-season finale, it was revealed that Coulson is dying. Yo-Yo Rodriguez aka Slingshot, he explained that the attempts to save Coulson will bring the planet closer to destruction.

The Spirit of Vengeance has already owned Mack before returning in the body of Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna) and binds to the guests who are incredibly desperate or have a dark side hidden. In the case of Mack, it was the death of his daughter while Robbie wants revenge against those who killed him, and made a paralytic of his brother.

Agents of SHIELD: the 100th episode will reveal the pact between the [SPOILER] is




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