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Published on Nov 13, 2017


Typical English aplomb, and fine dishes and fresh: these are the basic ingredients of Agent Allen, the collection of episodes gea is written by the creator of Dylan Dog, Tiziano Sclavi and drawn by Mario Rossi (Nathan Never). The agent-chef is once again presented by saldaPress in a volume hardback of value, which includes all the episodes, published in “The Magazine” from 1983 to 1986, until shortly before the birth of the investigator of the nightmare.

The ingredients are mixed together between them creating a new character for the era, engaging the basic characteristics of the series Italian Bonelli the most famous. Both the names gave birth to Allen contributed to the birth of the investigator of the nightmare, and the development of the agent space. The two characters that you find to solve puzzles and mysteries, improbable have undoubtedly had the first agent Philip Allen.

Agent Allen was fired by the secret service in london, opening a restaurant, the'Elf" Red”, Inverness, Scotland. Lover of good food, despite his job as a chef, nothing forbids them to continue to be the best agent and be recruited by his former chief, mr. W., for the more improbable and absurd. Aliens, disappearances, people who are raised and dinosaurs: the industry's “Strange” of the secret services in london come the positions most absurd and disparate, that are solved with success by Allen and his faithful Burke, an irish-quite to the hand (actually, it's better to say “the hands”).

The various episodes minions, long of 10 plates each, are small “tidbits” of investigations unlikely. It always starts with moments beyond the limits of the possible, and then follow, between one meal and another, the agent, Allen as it moves into the world in search of the solution. You are traveling in unlikely places, knowing people that have nothing to do with the investigation. In the end, all the pieces fit together perfectly, under the incredulous eyes of the head of the “Strange” of the secret services.

The characters “set” inside the episodes are characterized in such a way that every episode fits perfectly a moment in time that will occur in all of the episodes. The laughter flows, especially when these moments, so methodically repetitive, are subverted. As Burke, who, every time it is called, always responds “As ever in these parts?”, in spite of the other person you're on the other side of the world. The narrative aspects and the characterization of Allen, we will find them later in Dylan Dog: not for nothing, the latter cooperates with the police at Scotland Yard, even after given the resignation, while Allen has voluntarily dismissed by the secret service. As far as the aspect graph, the section of Mario Rossi is all the more enjoyable and appreciated due to the format of the edition, saldaPress. The cleaning of the stroke and the likelihood they match perfectly with the characters, making them even more grotesque in the comic scenes, as in the best episodes of Alan Ford.

A special note: there is a total absence of scenes of violence. The dead, shooting, and other raw images are always placed outside the field and described by captions. As noted by the preface of the volume, this choice is due to the magazine where it was published, or “The Magazine”, published by catholic new york. This increases the suspense and the curiosity in the end, in addition to being a comic detective also suitable to the young.

The volume hardback reproduced in b/w stories to a minute (or a little more) is to be read in for a bite, accompanied by a pig roast, possibly not that tasteless of the restaurant “The Cave” in London.

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