Afternoon 5 change skin: with towing and gossip in the ratings grow


Published on Apr 21, 2020


In recent weeks, the program of Channel 5 had lost the compass. Set aside the classic themes treated by Barbara d'urso, the ones that are the strength of the Afternoon 5, and by focusing on the feats of journalists on helicopters and the like, the program had raised only liked, losing you listen. But it seems something in the last few days has changed. Moves us in a different way: the presenter gives more space to the experts in the studio, ones putting an accent is always the importance. But, above all, in the episode of yesterday we noticed as we returned to make the healthy gossip which has always been the winning point of the program. Afternoon 5 is to entertain, and as it has also happened to Live-it is Not the d'urso, on Sunday evening, more space for new topics, if we can say so. Topics that help those who are in the house, forced in front of the tv, to follow a program.

Yesterday we saw tips to our lord, the pizza to make at home, and then gossip with the page dedicated To al Bano and Loredana Lecciso, always very much appreciated. Added to this is the return of the Men and Women who are off to a great start with 3 million spectators in the afternoon on Channel 5. Listen, you are towing to The secret, that comes to 2.4 million and serving to Barbara d'urso and his Afternoon 5.

But let's see in detail the numbers.

Beautiful 3.445.000 viewers with 15.1%. A Life 3.194.000 viewers with 15.3% share. To follow the new version of Men and Women got 3.088.000 viewers with 16.5% (Final 2.703.000 – 15.3%). The Secret 2.484.000 spectators equal to 14.7% share. Afternoon Five to 2.473.000 viewers (14.1%), in the first part, 2.521.000 viewers (13%), in the second part, and 2.347.000 viewers (11.4%) in the last part of the short-term.

Still head to head with Rai 1, but unlike a few days ago when Cuccarini and Matano sending her Channel 5, this time the distances are almost zeroed.

Yesterday The Life Live has been seen by 2.525.000 viewers with 13.7% (presentation: 2.070.000 – 12.2%).

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