After the accusations Placido Domingo abandons the Met Opera


Published on Sep 27, 2019


Accused of sexual harassment, the tenor has decided to leave the scene

Not calm the storm that sees the involvement of Placido Domingo, the superstar of the singing, accused of sexual harassment. If the news earlier reported the allegations of nine women, a new strand of inquiry, brought ahead by the agency of the Associated Press speaks of over 20 women who were abused by the tenor. Some of these claim to have been pressured into having sex with Domingo, and in exchange he promised them roles and engagements at the theatre. If they had refused to indulge, the women would have suffered repercussions.

Today comes a new piece of news about this story: after the accusations, Domingo has decided to abandon the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. The Spanish tenor would have had to bring in a scene from the Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi, but the day before the production of the show has announced his retirement. It seems that the decision was a result of the pressures received by Domingo from several insiders, who had expressed concerns about his presence in the show.

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“Whilst they are arguing so strongly about the recent allegations against me, I worry about the climate in which we live, where people are sentenced without trial,” he said in his defense Placido Domingo in a press release. In fact, the artist has always denied the allegations, claiming that the relations were consensual. However, the investigations are still in progress, and the Associated Press has received several testimonies of people who have seen the acts of harassment, confirming what was claimed by the alleged victims.

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A period which is of course difficult for the world of opera. After Domingo, in fact, also come the accusations Vittorio Grigolo, the Italian tenor, who has recently appeared on the small screen, as a coach of “Friends”. Grigolo would have harassed a woman, a singer of the choir of the opera and the fact it would take place on the stage. The Opera House of London has taken steps to suspend the content from all the shows in the program, but has not released official statements, because the investigations are still in progress.

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