After six years as a streamer full Pokémon Ruby using only Magikarp!

Published on May 09, 2017

A video shows us how a streamer on the japanese managed to finish Pokémon Ruby using Magikarp, the Pokémon most scarce of all

Leomon is a live-streamer in japanese, back in 2011, he decided to attempt something that nobody had ever even dared to imagine: to be able to complete Pokémon Ruby, using Magikarp, the Pokémon that has the reputation of being the most useless of all.

After six years since that bold decision, passing through not a few difficulties, Leomon was able to the note to become champion of the game on the GameBoy Advance, thanks to the mistreated fish (a carp, to be precise).

The sample that you don't expect shared his company via Twitter, highlighting the fact that no matter how strong it might be your Pokémon, the key thing is to be a coach capable and expert that does not sets limits and can excel in any situation.

つよい ポケモン
よわい ポケモン
そんなの ひとの かって
ほんとうに つよい トレーナーなら
すきな ポケモンで
かてるように がんばるべき
そして おれは しゃちほこが だいすきだ


— レオモン (@K_LEOMON) may 5, 2017

The video below shows the enterprise of Leomon and all the efforts in achieving the goal he set for himself six years ago.

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Source: Kotaku

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