After almost 50 years, comes the sequel to ONE (you call it DOS)

Published on Feb 14, 2018

Almost 50 years after its release (completed in 1971), ONE of the famous card game created by Merle Robbins and from Mattel, it will have a following. I'm not talking about one of the many variants to the theme of the famous game (or any of its countless spin-offs), but a real “sequel” that, hear hear, you will call DOS.

Expected on the shelves of the shops for the next march (but exclusively in Target stores in the USA until August 2018), DOS will retain many of the rules of its historic predecessor, but introducing two different piles of scrap in the center of the table.

Instead of discard on a single stack, in fact, the player will be able to decide on which of the two piles on the table to discard their cards and, once remained with only two cards, say “dos” (which I guess will be “two” for the Italian version) in order to draw two cards to the opponents.

The game ends as always when a player runs out of cards in their hand. The points will be counted based on the cards present in the hands of our opponents, and the first that will come to 200 points, will be declared the winner.

Of course, were then introduced some additional rules and options regarding the waste and the various combinations possible in doing so (with the new “fearsome” rules and special cards to fish for opponents).

It will probably not be a revolution in the world of card games for families, but we are still talking about the sequel to a game that has made history.

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Source: Mashable


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