After 25 years, finally we can possess a replica of the glasses, night-Jurassic Park

Published on Apr 07, 2018

When John Hammond said he did not take care of expenses, you probably are not referring only to the dinosaurs but also to the eyewear clubs of Jurassic Park.

Colorful, full of lights and useless and unable to see in the dark, have become the object of desire of all the fans of the saga that, today, thanks to the Chronicle Collectibles can now own a replica of the glasses seen worn by Timothy Murphy.

Pre-orders of this prop replica were opened yesterday, at a price of $ 450. Unfortunately, the glasses do not really work in the dark, but they move, light up and, when closed, is visible the cross. Everything exactly like in the movie.

The replica 1:1 scale was achieved by measuring, photographing and digitizing in 3D, each frame present in the film and is now available under official license from Universal Pictures.

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