AECI against Iliad: sent a complaint to AGCOM, AGCM and the Guarantor of Privacy


Published on Jun 14, 2018


Doesn't really seem to be any peace for Iliad, the new active operator in Italy. After the doubts about the GB available abroad (and that is critical for the initial lack of clarity), and after the request presented by TIM to the Ministry of the Interior, now comes the statement of the AECI (Association of European Consumers and Independent).

AECI has sent the complaint to AGCOM, AGCM and the Guarantor of Privacy to ensure that such entities carry out the necessary checks to ensure that the conduct of the Iliad is correct or not. The first point on which the AECI reserve doubts it is the “forever” that Iliad uses to define the time of validity of his offer. Well, for the Association of the term “forever” is not absolutely exact information, considering that the same operator can change the economic conditions of the contract (as indicated in the article 9 of the general conditions of the contract).

Also, according to article 7, the Iliad may suspend the service with notice to the customer that can be with any means available, and without refund. These circumstances put the customer in a position of disadvantage compared to the operator, due to the lack of useful tools to assess behaviors that may lead to suspension of service.

AECI provides, therefore, in doubt the transparency as boasted by the Iliad in its promotional campaign. The Association reserves doubts on the economic offer, in particular as regards the costs of the extra traffic threshold, the activation procedures and the presence on the website of the price of the monthly fee (€5,99), but not the cost of activation of the SIM.

Another point on which is based the statement of the AECI for the cost of 9€ for each GB in the case of an extra threshold. Iliad states that “30GB, after which you apply the basic rate, without slowing-down the speed of the Internet”. But that application, according to the Association, would be contrary to the AGCOM 326/10/CONS which states: “If the customer has given several indications in the written form, the operators shall terminate the data connection as soon as the credit or of the traffic available to residual volume) referred to in paragraph 1 has been fully sold out by the customer, without additional fees or charges pe the latter, warning him of that fact. The data connection is reactivated in the shortest possible time after the user has provided, by means of a simple mode, your express consent, which cannot, therefore, be tacit or presumed“. The user, therefore, would not be to protect a possible extra traffic threshold is detected.

Finally, in addition to the lack of clarity relative to the GB are actually available abroad (32GB or 2GB?), the AECI pointing the finger at the “digital signature” that Iliad has decided to use. It is a token of the digital received via SMS, but this practice does not respect the characteristics that a “digital signature” should have, or the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation.

The statement of the AECI is clear and well detailed, we'll see if in the next few weeks, AGCOM, AGCM and the Guarantor of Privacy take action against Iliad.

What do you think of the points analysed by the AECI? Share this accusation of lack of transparency and poor protection against the customer? Have your say in the comments.

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