Advances UeD: the Throne Over, Gemma and Mark return to single

Published on Aug 31, 2017

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The first registration of Men and Women, to some surprise, has given way to the Throne Over and it came right after the first bomb, even if the suspect circulated a long time: Gemma Galgani, and Marco Firpo are no longer together and both are ready to start a new story, even though between the two was not a good-bye painless.

The first to speak was the ‘lady’ of turin, arrived in the studies of the dating show on Channel 5 as a star. The end of the story dates back at least a month ago, even though she expected that Mark a pause after an intervention had been to write the word "end". A fate that many were scarred by time and that, according to Firpo was consumed for a variety of reasons: talking with calm down, you are rendered accounts to have life-styles but also different needs, so better to leave now. His emotion is evident, however, is not reassuring Tina Cipollati, which once again to attack the rival: “As with George, your story ends in July, otherwise how did you get back? You're a great strategist, but the audience doesn't fall for it, you are ridiculous and unbearable,” said Gemma.

In the studies of the dating show, however, is also returned to the third wheel, George Manetti, who appeared to us in great shape and relaxed after a summer move from single to work on her first autobiography that is coming out soon. The ‘knight’ fiorentino has admitted to not having understood why it is finished between Gemma and Mark's accusing you because he would have to wait a bit more after that the mate had just recovered from the operation. Now Galgani will return to the office?

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