Advances UeD: here are the confirmations on the date, and on Mattia Marciano

Published on Aug 30, 2017

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Now, there we are: between today and tomorrow, 31 August, as they have revealed the latest advances in tv you are arriving via social, the long season of Men and Women will finally be on our way with the first recordings of the Throne Classic. In reality, however, for the first episode of the official in the afternoon of Channel 5, we'll have to wait a bit: the weekly Tv Smiles and Songs’, in fact, has revealed that the beginning of the dating show of Maria De Filippi will be on Monday, September 18, and only then we will know the new tronisti of Men and Women.

After the many rumors of recent weeks, however, a certainty is already there. Mattia Marciano, in fact, after being one of the unfortunate suitors of Desiree Popper, output, by Men and Women without a choice, he will return to take a revenge and look for that love that he hoped to have found with the brazilian model. His fans have for months pushed for a review and were satisfied that the confirmation has arrived in the last hour, when the dentist neapolitan was spotted while walking to the Piazza Plebiscito of Naples, followed by television cameras and by the editorial team of Men and Women.

In fact, there were few doubts about the presence of the emperor Marcian, while it is still a mystery on who would accompany him as a tronista. For some, it now seemed that he could make his debut immediately in the Throne Gay with the young barber veronese, Alex Adinolfi, but in reality the guy photographed from the portal Umbria On and that has turned his presentation in Umbria seems to be another. And then there are other applications, such as those of Andrea Melchior, Giulia Latini, Cecilia Zagarrigo, Attilio Barletta. To know the truth we'll have to wait a bit.

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