Advances tv Beijing Express 6: here are the first competitors

Published on May 09, 2017

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Tina Cipollati, contrary to the advances of tv over the past few days, for now I will return to Beijing Express 6 but Lory Del Santo yes. Thanks to the weekly Tv Smiles and Songs’, in fact, we know the name of at least four of the couples in the next few weeks will begin the recordings of the game show on Rai 2 which will be broadcast in September in the early evening once again hosted by Costantino della Gherardesca also whether it will change location, moving from Latin America to Asia, particularly the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan.

Confirming some of the advances tv in the race there will be the former tronista and actor Francesco Arca in a pair with the colleague Rocco Righteous, but there is also the return of Antonella Elia with Jill Cooper, the famous personal trainer, who several times has been mentioned as a possible competitor to the Island of the Famous, the two spaniards Rafael Amargo and Olfo Bosé, nephew of the more famous Mihuel and already contestant in Supervivientes (the Spanish version of the Island), in addition to the youtuber Guglielmo Scilla on the web is known as Willwoosh e Alice Venturi, last year, he participated in the game show on the web Maria Express 2 together with the ex winner of the X Factor Michele Bravi.

And Lory Del Santo? According to the advances, tv will go into the game after the first few episodes, it still is not clear well with which role, as well as the young rapper Achille Lauro and especially Ayda Yespica. A presence, that of the former model and wrecked, which could prove to be deadly because everyone remembers the noisy quarrels with Antonella Elia on the Island of the Famous 2 when the showgirl torinese taken literally by the hair of her rival.

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