Advances the Island of the Famous 2019, episode of march 18: Soleil and Aaron challenge each other to become the leader


Published on Mar 17, 2019


On march 18, 2019, in prime time on Canale 5 will broadcast a new installment of the Famous Island in 2019. Alessia Marcuzzi and the two who often appears on Alda D'eusanio, and Alba Parietti in the studies of Milan will connect live with the castaways to take stock of the situation and find out who will be the eliminated of the week. In the course of the tenth meeting will also be unveiled the name of the new leader.

Let's find out specifically what is going to happen tomorrow in the course of the new direct. What are the latest news from Honduras? Let's discover the previews for the episode tomorrow on the Island.

In the course of the week the castaways (except for the two named) are challenged in a new test leader. To get the better of the other in the four rounds played were Soleil Sorgè and Aaron Nielsen. The girlfriend of Jeremias Rodriguez and the son of Brigitte Nielsen will compete in a duel head-to-head for the conquest of the bandana from the ‘leaders’. If you won Soleil would be really resounding: is able to acquire the title of leader for the fourth time.

At risk of elimination this week, there are two shipwrecked sailors, who are: Paul Brosio and Luca Vismara. Only one of the two castaways remain in the game, and the other will be deleted. The new deleted will still have the chance to stay in the game by agreeing to go to the televoting with Stefano Bettarini and Kaspar Capparoni (suspended) who are currently ”on the island that is not there”.

Paolo Brosio in the last few weeks has often been caught by his companions. For some shipwrecked the behavior of the journalist has changed dramatically compared to the beginning.

It seems that the girlfriend of Stefano Bettarini will land in Honduras to make a pleasant surprise to his partner. After the wife of Riccardo fogli and the wife of Marco Maddaloni, this time it's the former, the protagonist of Temptation Island Vip.

The young model Ariadna Romero eliminated in the course of the ninth episode, will be the guest in the studio with Alessia Marcuzzi to tell in the first person as he lived his experience as a castaway. The showgirl cuban on the island had established a feeling extraordinary with Stefano Bettarini and Kaspar Capparoni. The presenter in the course of the live streaming of today's show to Ariadna his best moments.

For the castaways to the finish line of the final is getting closer and closer. The last episode of the island, remember, will be aired on Monday the first of April.

You, dear friends and readers, who would you like to see in the final? You can indicate your preference in the space reserved for comments.

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