Advances the Island of the Famous 2019, episode of 25 march semi-finals: the four castaways will be deleted


Published on Mar 25, 2019


Tonight, in prime time on Channel 5, will broadcast the semi-final of the Famous Island in 2019. The castaways will contact Alessia Marcuzzi that from the studies of Milan will lead them in what promises to be a direct foaming. The presenter in the course of the evening will reveal the outcome of the televoting weekly, which sees as protagonists the singer Luca Vismara and the former gieffina Marina La Rosa. The two were always very close in this location on the Island of the famous, and finally, to the joy of someone, they will separate.The one between Luke and Marina, however, will not be the only televoting of the evening. The twists and turns this evening will be a lot of, let's discover together the latest advances in flash.

The eleventh episode of the reality show branded as Channel 5 will be characterized by numerous shots of the scene. Alessia Marcuzzi, in fact, in the course of the direct today will announce the names of the five castaways who will reach the final. To compete for the pass to the final will be: Marina La Rosa, Luca Vismara, Soleil Sorgè, Riccardo fogli, Stefano Bettarini, Kaspar Capparoni, Marco Maddaloni, Sarah Altobello. In the course of the semi-finals will be eliminated from the game four competitors. Three competitors will be eliminated with a televoting flash, the elimination will take place as a result of the televoting weekly, which this week sees two great friends are: Marina La Rosa and Luca Vismara.

The castaways are eliminated to reach ”the Island that there is no” where they have the opportunity to compete in the televoting with Stefano Bettarini and Kaspar Capparoni (castaways suspended). Only one of the castaways are suspended will be able to compete in the final on the first of April in Milan.

The eliminated in the tenth episode, Paul Brosio, tonight I will be a guest in the studio with Alessia Marcuzzi. The well-known journalist will tell the presenter how he lived his experience as a castaway, and what regrets she has for not having reached the final of the reality Show. Paolo Brosio in the studies of Milan will have the opportunity to revise his best moments.

The semi-final of the Famous Island of 2019, which will air tonight march 25, 2019 on Channel 5, once it is aired it will be made available to the public in streaming on the website/application, Mediaset Play, a service available from your Tablet, Pc and Smartphone.

Dear friends and readers, for the moment, is all we can do is keep you as always informed on location in Honduras of the castaways. Appointment tonight with the semi-final of the famous Island in 2019.

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