Advances on Riverdale 2, in the new episodes of dark Betty and a return to the origins?

Published on Dec 28, 2017

This does not exclude the tone of noir and mystery that characterized the tv series since the beginning. Aguirre-Sacasa has in fact continued by specifying: "In the second part, there will still be that element of soft noir, but there will also be the return to high school and to his misadventures, and this is the world of Archie: only a group of boys at school."

The great revelation of the Black Hood in the final half of the season, yes closed a storyline, but it has also opened another. The last episode ended with Betty Cooper and was excited to get rid for ever of the evidence that they had caught the criminal, but they refused to give fire to the black hood that he had brought. For many fans, this is the overwhelming evidence that the dark side of Betty, you may return it to the surface: she will take the place of the Black Hood, and these events will pave the way to Sabrina Spellman?


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