Advances Men and Women, today's episode, October 2: we'll try again

Published on Oct 02, 2018

New appointment with the program led by Mediaset Maria De Filippi

Today afternoon back aired the dating show Men and Women. Will be transmitted on the Throne, over or the classic one? According to the first anticipations of the viewers to attend an episode of the parterre senior.

After an appointment entirely dedicated to Gemma Galgani and her suitors, it will be the turn of a lady and a knight who took part in the first edition of ‘Temptation Island Vip’. We are talking about Ida Plane and Riccardo Guarneri. But let's see what will happen today in Men and Women.

Maria De Filippi will face the story of Ida and Richard. The two after the experience in the reality of the temptations you are left. At that point Maria De Filippi has proposed to both of the back part of the Throne over as a single. The two people involved have accepted the proposal and you are sitting in the parterre.

The spoiler of Men and Women reveal that the Plane and the Car will impress all the audience of the dating show because of an unexpected decision. The lady and the knight decided to get back together and give themselves a second chance.

Waiting to find out if between Ida and Richard will be fine, these days there has been much talk of two former protagonists of Men and Women. The first is Sara Affi Fella who has made fun of all because during his career, the Classic was still engaged to Nicola Panic.

While the other is Giulia De Lellis. The ex-girlfriend of Andrea Damante page has turned. According to what is written on the ‘VicolodelleNews’, the former suitor of Men and Women has been spotted with Christian Iovino, ex-boyfriend of Sabrina Ghio. Love, or simple friendship?

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