Advances Men and Women, today's episode 17th September: it's all over...

Published on Sep 17, 2018

Starts a new week of the Throne over Men and Women that will see the return of two characters, and the closing of knowledge

After the stop due to the end of the week, starts of new Men and Women, the popular dating show hosted and created by Maria De Filippi. According to the first advances, today at 14:45 on Channel 5 will be transmitted on the Throne over Men and women and there will be unexpected returns. Let's see what will happen.

Well, yes, in the episode of the parterre senior Men and Women in the air today, in the studio Elios in Rome will return a sworn enemy of Gemma Galgani. We are talking about Barbara De Santi, the teacher who for some years has left the Mediaset transmission because he had embarked on a love story.

Now, apparently, the lady is single session and the staff has accepted your application again. According to the first spoiler, the return of the woman would be angered by the very Galgani, who in the past had come as well to the hands. In the episode today, also, Barbara De Santi will return to the charge, stating that the Gem is in U&D only to seek popularity, and not love.

But in today's episode of the Throne over Men and Women, there will be another unexpected return. In the parterre of the knights will Nino Castanotto, the messina that some time ago he had had a history with the ex lady Anna German. The man is back-and it, too, was single, and now wants to find a soul mate.

The spoilers reveal that, during transmission, Ida and Richard will continue to discuss without finding a point of encounter. While it seems to have come to an end, the knowledge between Gemma and Rocco. See you tomorrow with the new advances of Men and Women.

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