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Published on Oct 11, 2018


Maria De Filippi, in general, is not a person that attacks, but this time failed to restrain. Here is what we will see in the next episode

Yesterday, Wednesday, 10 October 2018, you have recorded the new episodes of the Throne of Classic Men and Women, and the special dedicated to the couples of the first edition of " Temptation Island Vip.

The blog of the Alley Of the News has made timely aware of all the advances of the people who witnessed the episode. The four tronisti of the throne a classic, the new edition of the most watched program in the afternoon slot on Channel 5, continue to get to know their suitors. Teresa Langella decided the exit on the outside with Andrea Of Course, despite the fact that he was wanted and expressly called by the Mara.

The ex-tempter has struck a lot and it is precisely for this that does not want to give up his knowledge. Luke Daffrè, her suitor, threatens to leave, and despite attempts of persuasion of the girl has said to him to wait yet a little while, after the outer with Andrew, he decided to permanently leave the studio.

Mara, meanwhile, continues to go out with Rodolfo and bring out even Andrea, the suitor who wanted to the Men and women directly from Temptation Island. The suitors of the two will turn on then in a hard-fought battle. In the meantime, Of Course, claims to be the most intrigued to know the sicilian, even if the invitation of the neapolitan intrigues me.

Then it goes to the thrones of men, the ones of Lorenzo and Luigi. The two fight for the suitors Giulia. But on the girl come to the particular reports. While the suitor was outside with Mastroianni, Lorenzo is looking for it in his dressing room to talk to her.

He tries to call her, but she remains outside with the sicilian. He continues to criticize it, the milan expressed their desire to once again want to bring in external. In the end, Maria De Filippi, after all these back and forth, angry with the tronista and invites him to make a choice: either send her there or stops inveirle against.

It is rare to see Maria blurt out to the Men and women but with younger people it can also happen this.

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