Advances Men and women: Gemma Galgani in tears


Published on Sep 14, 2018


Finally over the wait for the beginning of Men and women where by the last Monday fans can enjoy their favorite characters. As already mentioned in the news earlier this year, the public will not see the knight Giorgio Manetti, (where it seems he decided to devote himself to other work projects) and will have to settle for Gemma Galgani.

The lady, in fact, it is back in the basement to find his soul mate. Let's discover together what has happened in the outside with Rocco thanks to the advances found on the web.

For Gemma Galgani, already in the first episode arrived a splendid suitor much younger than her who immediately conquered his eyes. Rocco, after having seen the lady on television, he decided to show up in the studio to meet her and exchange with her and chat. From the first moment for both of them it seems there was a good feeling, but apparently something went wrong.

After suffering from both for George and for Marco, Gemma apparently has once again taken a ‘two of spades’. In turin, in the outdoor Rocco has shown the cold and without any interest, so much so that back in the studio, the knight has not missed any opportunity to criticize it. According to his words, in spite of the kiss, the blonde would not be interested to no man, and for this reason, it is more inclined to follow the course. The Galgani, then, once again, felt the wound, letting himself go in a long cry.

The reaction of Gemma in front of the ‘abandonment’ of Rocco has sparked the wrath of Tina Cipollati, who once again has accused her of being childish and exasperating. Between the two, in fact, began immediately a lite, so much so that Mary repeatedly had to intervene to calm the mood.

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