Advances Men and Women, episode of today, 26 September: between us is over

Published on Sep 26, 2018

What is going to be aired today, to Men and Women: the Throne over or the classic?

Today afternoon will be broadcast on Channel 5, the third and final weekly event of the Throne over Men and Women. In fact, in the days of Thursday and Friday, the dating show Mediaset will tronisti, and suitors. And if the first two meetings were devoted largely to Gemma Galgani: the knight Fortress in the first episode of today's Men and Women, viewers will have the opportunity to review two faces of the historical program of Maria De Filippi.

Yes, after the final rupture Ida Plane and Riccardo Guarneri, you will present to the audience the senior but this time as a single. Their experience in ‘Temptation Island’ has not brought well. In fact, if before there was a bit of swell, with the reality of the temptations, their relationship is shipwrecked, and everything.

Accomplice in the break-up of the messages that the knight has sent a temptress after the conclusion of the program. The two will present themselves in the study of Men and Women leaving the astonished at all. In particular, the opinion-makers Tina Cipollati and Gianni Sperti. But in the upcoming episodes the two will do something even more sensational. For now I do not want to anticipate anything.

And, all the while continuing the programming of the Throne over Men and Women, continues to discuss the story of the former tronista Sara Affi Fella. The latter has teased all of us-editors, Maria De Filippi and, above all, Luigi Mastroianni. In particular, the girl bell was still betrothed to Nicholas of Panic while he was on the throne.

A piece of news that has really upset Raffaella Mennoia. While Sara was forced to shut down her profile in Instagram because it has lost all its followers. In addition, all sponsors have abandoned for his misconduct. In the next few episodes of Men and Women will discover more details.

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