Advances Men and Women: all about the new tronisti

Published on Jul 23, 2017

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The more the days go by and it is close to the first recordings of the Throne, the Classical, the greater the tension and the curiosity of the public to find out what will be the new tronisti of Men and Women. The impression is that at least at the beginning of the season, the Throne, the Gay is held in stand-by, and so will be the Throne Blue, and the Throne Rose, with many possible protagonists that give happy their fans.

Among women, as confirmed by the weekly ‘Vip’ grow quotations of Cecilia Zagarrigo who twice was one of the corteggiatrici of Men and Women before with Oscar Branzani that, however, has chosen Eleonora Rocchini, and then this year with Luca Onestini, which, however, came out at the end with Soleil Sorgé. The third time, changing the role, may be good for you? In dance, however, there are also Giulia Latini, who, like her, has tried to gain Luke as a suitor, and is beloved by the public, the ‘temptress’ Antonella Fiordelisi and his enemy's Temptation Island in 2017, the girlfriend Sara Affi Fella always that you should be left with Nicola Panic.

But there are many names for the male part of Men and Women. The most popular is certainly Ruben Invernizzi became an idol of the crowds after you download the girlfriend Francesca Baroni in Temptation Island by 2017. With him, a former suitor Mattia Marciano, and several of the ‘tempting’ of this year, as Nicholas Fabbri who was the closest to Camilla Mangiapelo up to when the former suitor has decided to go out with boyfriend, former tronista Riccardo Gismondi. And still Riccardo Ciappesoni, already seen as a suitor of Desiree Popper, as the protagonist of The Farmer seeks a Wife and as a single to Temptation, and Paul Crivellin, now ‘the tempter’, but also Mister Italy to 2016.

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