Adriana Volpe rebels to the rules of the house after the letter to her husband: the beginning of the protest against the GF VIP


Published on Mar 03, 2020


Adriana Volpe has not taken well to the letter received by her husband who invited us to be limited in certain attitudes, little befit a married woman. The tv presenter, believes that it's the fault of Big Brother, and of the authors who show certain things only to create this situation, he decided in the night to start a sort of protest. In what way? He started to not respect the rules of the house, believing his time not to be respected. For this reason he removed, on several occasions, the microphone, placing it right by and answering to the calls of Big Brother VIP saying not to be concerned to abide by the rules. It's a move that also serves to the risk of being disqualified and then return home without leaving the game?

Adriana seems to have taken his decision and when it is invoked why you are not wearing the microphone, continue to go straight on his way, saying to be willing to not take it. Also, talking com others of what has happened ( maybe not very liked even the space dedicated to Zequila, but this is one of our deduction) the Fox said this week that it will play a role very particular: is going to sleep. “Forget about me,” he said, addressing apparently the authors of Big Brother VIP guilty, to say, to have shown a video that maybe could have been saved.

Remember, for those who missed if it were, that in the episode of 2 march 2020 of Big Brother VIP, Adriana had received the letter from her husband which led her to note that some things were not suitable to be a wife and mother. Some kisses, certain approaches could not go well. Roberto he also stressed that he and Gisele are on his side and cheer for her, but Adriana has to change course. And apparently it did.

Here are the objects of Adriana, a microphone left in the room

'Silence the press' (2020)
Oil on canvas, Adriana Volpe

The GF VIP could take action? These are the latest news from the house. We will keep you updated with all the news as soon as this day will resume for the competitors of GF VIP 4.

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