Adriana Volpe lawsuit Giancarlo Magalli: the dispute continues in court

Published on Apr 02, 2017

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Apparently the waters have not calmed down, despite being passed almost a week since that fateful episode of “mind Your own business”. A few days ago, in fact, we have been able to assist live to a scene so funny that he has been involved with Giancarlo Magalli, and his shoulder Adriana Volpe, with whom he worked for 9 years in the management of the transmission of Rai2. But, apparently, fun is not just nothing: it was not an exchange of words programmed, but a real discussion, which is continued on the social.

There have been several posts that the two drivers exchanged via Facebook, but there has been one that has really made the camel's back. Giancarlo Magalli has written that women “perhaps you would feel more insulted if they knew how to work it for 20 years...”, thus putting into question the career of the Fox. Which, of course, there is. “I'm speechless, I never imagined that Giancarlo Magalli could descend to this level of offense”.

In fact, insinuate that Adriana works in the Rai only because of some alleged special recommendations is certainly a nice gesture on the part of his colleague. And so part of the lawsuit, on the part of Fox. “I owe it to myself, my husband, my daughter and my career was built only on my legs no favors of bed.” Meanwhile, on the social dance the accusations against Magalli, because of his words nothing short of sexist.


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