Adriana Fox to Live-Not the d'urso: by the abandonment of the reality of mourning for his father-in-law


Published on Apr 20, 2020


Second part of Live-it is Not the d'urso lighter yesterday, 19 April 2020. The large space devoted to the Big Brother VIP, with the testimony of the former competitors in the last few weeks they are back to their old life, finding, however, an Italy that is certainly very different waiting for them. Among the other guests of the evening also Adriana Volpe, who said on tv the pain felt by the abandonment, but also to the situation out of the house very complicated.

In reviewing his exit from the house of Big Brother VIP, between the tears of his companions, the Fox says: “Those were the last hugs that I have given. I had called in the confessional, they told me that my father-in-law was hospitalized and that he had been infected by the coronavirus. “

But could not continue the game. Her family had needed her and the situation outside had become very complicated. Former competitor GF VIP says:

In the house we knew what was going on from the news that gave us Alfonso Signorini, but we had a different perception of what, in reality, the italians out of the house they lived. In the garden we felt a deafening silence, and heard the flash mob in the houses around Cinecittà in rome. To know this news, you feel yourself dying, you fall into despair and the only thing you want is to reach the family. I was worried also for my daughter. It was only when leaving, I had the perception of what was happening.

Unfortunately, his father-in-law, who has long fought against a horrible illness, I didn't make it:

I could make a trip to be able to go in Switzerland by my family, but I could only start the day after the abandonment of the house. In the night in which they are output, Ernesto didn't make it. The trip was a killer. It was important that I be closer to my family and to my daughter who has lived her first mourning.

Adriana could not stay away from his loved ones, from his family and from the small Gisele that he faced, with the loss of his grandfather, his first mourning.

Gisele has shown an incredible strength. My family was raised, thanks to you. I hope in the near future of this coronavirus will remember only the crown placed on Italy, because our country is like a queen of courage, strength and solidarity.

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