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Published on Nov 29, 2019


After the arrest of Darian saw on the sixth night, the seventh and the previous evening Adrian (which, as said, has not responded positively to the thrust of the narrative date from the sixth) has seen the Watchmaker escape from the prison, thanks to the help of the cell mates were enchanted by the ideals, full of hope, also moved in prison, of the “befana”.

Once processed (while, in the meantime, the Guild with the Bear and Coal, Johnny Silver and Mark have risked their lives to make a plan of escape) Adrian, who was wounded in a confrontation with the rapist, loses his memory and is rescued by a homeless, representative of the whole of humanity present in the slums of Milan futuristic presented.

The eighth night, the penultimate for the series, should finally bring us closer to the big “clash” between the Watchmaker and the villain, The Dissanguatore, the emblem of the violence, of the speculation and corruption that weigh on a country without freedom and beauty.


With Darian in freedom, the government puts in state of alert throughout the country with new restrictive measures, but all now begin to wonder if, actually, this Watchmaker is a dangerous terrorist, or if her point of view deserve to be heard.

The clash on TV between the head of the government and the journalist Armand Letal does not bring points to Darian, with a new video message projected (after the recovery of the memory of Adrian) triggers protest movements not only in the Beautiful Country, but also in Europe.

And finally, thanks to the co-ordination of the “Friends of the Watchmaker” is performed as the first concrete act of protest against the government: a general strike of the consumption. The population, as well as some institutions (including the mayor of Milan), with courage and ready to sacrifice, are finally putting into practice the concepts disseminated by Darian.


As we approach the end of the series, this evening, Adrian and registers a new peak, with the narrative already recorded in the sixth evening and not properly maintained by the seventh evening: Milan is waking up and the rhetoric is full of the moral typical of the series is the feedback in the events narrated.

For this, have now arrived in the final episodes, we can say that Adrian, paradoxically, it works better when not at the scene of the hero or his identity secret.

When, therefore, to be the protagonists are the “common” people (by the Friends of the Watchmaker to the mayor, through the chronicler of Oscar but also Bear the Coal, Johnny Silver, Mark) the narrative interests, proceeds and succeeds, most to involve.

Of course, the event engine is without a doubt Adrian, but just a marginal presence, only “triggering” and “inspirer” of the events, it is much more functional to the progress of the series, which is very often fall in the error to present itself as a simple celebration of the person Celentano.

In each case, the interventions Darian are well calibrated and contextualized in this seventh evening, offering a great impact on the “scenic” seasoned by a just drama; the same can't be said of the scenes in the opening with the Fox, presented in a grotesque as a figure between the “punisher” apocalyptic from the Old Testament and the Christ of the miracles described in the Gospels.

Contrasting the animation, very good and fitting in some moments (like a first floor in the Church) how bad I want to slow down scenes of combat to make it an event to “mystical”. Next, a soundtrack that does not disappoint ever.

In the complex, with technical limitations (and in part also structural, narratively speaking), the seventh evening of the Adrian allows you to do the series of steps forward in terms of plot, that of the overall level (in contrast with the “flatness” of the previous evening) coming up, particularly in the second half, to provide a dramatic intensity that is more direct and less filtered by the rhetoric, and not betray, however, the “values” and the main themes of the series.

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