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Published on Sep 11, 2019


1/4Sofía Rhei, Rodríguez Barrera, Moriarty and the mystery of the Dodo, Rizzoli2/4Sofía Rhei, Rodríguez Barrera, Moriarty and the mystery of the Dodo, Rizzoli3/4Sofía Rhei, Rodríguez Barrera, Moriarty and the mystery of the Dodo, Rizzoli4/4Sofía Rhei, Rodríguez Barrera, Moriarty and the mystery of the Dodo, Rizzoli

Like every thriller movie, the pin on which to play the success of the whole narrative is the main character and it is precisely for this reason that the characterisation of the detective, James Moriarty is an essential part of Moriarty and the mystery of the Dodo.

You have in mind those kids a little puffed up and full of themselves but they have really almost always in the right? You have in mind those little unbearable children that they have the gab to guys with at least 10 years older than them? If you add 25 layers of clothing of the nineteenth century, and you have the portrait exact James Moriarty, a protagonist-narrator pedantic but – admittedly – conscious of his own qualities and is rich with humor and ease in charming.

The unique personality and charming this little boy he holds on to the readers in a little more than two pages. Addicted by his ways of doing (that you may love or hate), you remain glued to the pages waiting to find out if James is right or miserably wrong, depending on the sympathy aroused.

We are in a villa of the nineteenth century, James and his sister Arabella live with their father, a rich doctor, a widower. The two brothers, the strong personality that is anything but the docile, live in a constant competition that challenge the intuition and the intelligence of both that and bug their poor governess (the German"Had the patience of a soldier. In the middle Ages, you could certainly earn life as persecutrice of the city under siege. Ironically, in our civilized NINETEENTH century, the equivalent of the besieged cities we were children. For the less certain"). The arrival of his uncle Theodosius, on a warm summer evening, you will trigger each other on a brilliant and intricate, that detonerà in one night.

"I love uncle Theodosius. It is a type so unique and eccentric that you can not avoid to open the mouth without irritating someone with his lack of tact. Just like me – and want to – snubs fully the opinions of others."

The uncle arrives with a new wife, an african and a dodo, the last specimen traced, a bird now considered, in the Nineteenth century, it was completely extinct. The dinner organised in the honor of this discovery – that looks really sensational – you see, among the invited personalities to the most classic of victorian England: the curate, the actress, the painter, the baroness... but also a young Darwin. The highlight of the dinner is reached, of course, to the discovery of a crime: the disappearance of the dodo. Those who managed to evade the surveillance of the bird and make it disappear?

The plot, which was already urgent, is complex. All this took place in little more than an evening in different rooms, populated by different people move, think and act. The narrative focuses minutely describes the views and thoughts of the most superficial of James, which, of course, will exploit the golden opportunity of the disappearance of the dodo to launch another challenge to his sister Arabella, but that is not explicit the reasoning that lead him to discover, in the end, the whole series of events and the solution to the mystery.

The major difficulty for the young player is to keep in mind the characterization of the characters, but at the same time to assume the desires and expectations that determine their behaviors visible. For example, Darwin is a scientist who is shy and of few words, but how will the proof of the inconsistency of his theory of evolution, or the dodo? The reader must assume that his behaviour concealed frustration, anger...

Led by James Moriarty is a real detective work is classically understood, is also required for the reader: work that consists in searching and organizing the moves and intentions into a coherent framework. A real yellow where the clues are scattered in the descriptions and hints (even indirect) between which the protagonist and the reader must untangle.

So many hints at themes dear to the Nineteenth century thanks to a contextualization that is not only formal and incidental, but which also includes the disputes and the thoughts that at that time they fought and were built (the colonies, developments, discoveries and taxonomic classifications and biological evolutionary theories vs metamorphic...).

The sarcasm, the humor, the tone is deliberately over the top and falsely pompous make reading fun and fascinating: will it make James? Certainly. But what really happened? Readers will not be able to stop reading it without arriving at the end of the evening, with the dissolution of the mystery.

A yellow historic, consistent, and enjoyable in its synthetic performance.

A recommended reading by 9 years, to be enjoyed like never before.

P.S. it will not be forgotten that the protagonist of the story is call as the nemesis of the detective's most famous in the world. James Moriarty, in fact, wants to be the young character who is an adult, it will collide with Sherlock Holmes. The quote in the book serves to amplify the setting is victorian, but it remains an interesting connection intertextual.

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