Adobe Scan now converts business cards into contacts


Published on Jun 19, 2018


Adobe Scan updates and now supports a new and interesting functionality that allows for the rapid conversion of business cards into contacts.

The application now supports a new feature that allows users to quickly convert business cards into the contact card to have them immediately available on your smartphone.

It is, therefore, a feature that is quite handy and interesting that simplifies many common operations among business users.

Remember also that Adobe Scan-transforms the iPhone into a portable scanner can automatically recognize the text using OCR technology. You can then easily convert the sheets of paper such as receipts, notes, images, documents ebiglietti to visit in a PDF Adobe with content that can be reused.

The operation is simple, since the app, taking advantage of the iPhone camera is able to automatically detect the edges and increase the sharpness of the text. Once you have taken the photo, the paper document is scanned into PDF. The images can also be taken from the camera roll of iOS, and you can view the thumbnails, you can crop the image, rotate it and adjust the color. Convert to PDF Adobe high-quality allows you to unlock the content via the automatic recognition of the text.

If you are interested, the application is on the App Store.

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