Adobe announces Photoshop CC for iPad: it will be equal to the Desktop version! [Video]


Published on Oct 15, 2018


Photoshop is definitely the most used application in the world, photo-editing software on your computer. Adobe has today announced a lot of news coming, including a full version of Photoshop designed for the iPad. This time will not be a small utility suitable for the mobile environment, but it will be the full program, as we know from years on the computer!

At the time on the iPad there are many applications for photo-editing, but similar to Photoshop there is only Affinity Photo (which is really fantastic!). Today, during the conference, Adobe announced Photoshop CC for iPad.

In recent years we have brought on iOS of small applications, each of which was able to perform a specific task. For this now you can find Photoshop Express, Sketch, Mix and Fix. The hardware capabilities of the new tablets and smartphone today, however, allow us to bring the full experience of Photoshop Desktop on these devices.

In the demo, Adobe showed how to edit a PSD by manipulating its multiple levels with the iPad. You can also use the Apple Pencil for retouching, the removal of some of the parts and the duplication of objects.

Just like the desktop version, we will have a bar with the tools on the left. To the right, instead, we will have the interface to move between levels, between the history of actions, and so on. Everything is optimized to an interface designed for multitouch instead of a pointer, but the functions remain substantially the same.

The changes made to a PSD will be synced with the Creative Cloud and will appear on the desktop version automatically. Both applications share much of the code base so you do not have to export the file, convert them or adjust them when we move from one device to another.

To speed up the release, the version 1.0 of Photoshop CC for iPad will debut with a reduced set of features. Subsequently, with the various updates will be added all the missing functions until you get to the full product.

Thanks to the new mobile version, the desktop version will improve with the addition of new features such as the ability to create symmetrical designs. You have probably seen the video where moving the Apple Pencil one time, you create a symmetrical design -duplicate - in many other parts of the screen, creating a final design is really beautiful, in a few moments. From today we can also do it on the computer. The list of all the news we can find on the official website.

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