Add the line numbers to the keyboard GBoard


Published on Jan 07, 2017


Google has updated its keyboard changing its name from Google Keyboard to GBoard. This keyboard has the ability to be customized aesthetically in a very profound way, and we've also already talked about in our dedicated article.

Among the changes you can make is to insert the numbers in the first function, that is, to see them without going to the symbol display. The activation of this feature is very simple and will add a row of numbers immediately above that of the letters, as in the image.

Let's see together how to do it.

For the first thing, to activate the row of numbers, you have to go in the keyboard settings. Go, then, in the tab “Preferences” and navigate to the item “Line numbers” in the way that you color. In this way, the function is active and you can check it out personally trying to write in any text field. Here's a picture:

Of course the numbers are also available by entering in the symbol display, as normal.

This is the procedure to activate the display of the numbers in the first row. Really very simple and, above all, very convenient, don't you think?

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