Add new Pokéstop in the Pokémon Go

Published on Dec 08, 2016

We have often discussed the difficulties of Pokémon Go: one of these is without a doubt the distribution of pokéstop, concentrated in great number in the centre of the city, and virtually absent elsewhere. For this it was very difficult to play for users who live in small towns or rural areas, and now that finally Niantic has decided to release the new radar, the situation seems to deteriorated further.

Pokémon GO: the new radar has arrived in Italy!

The new radar, in fact, show the pokémon close to pokéstop, in areas with poor pokéstop is almost useless, penalizing further a category of players are already pretty abused since launch. If you are far away from the centre of a big city and play again, you should use one of the services radar third parties available online.

Radar Pokemon Go: dead or in maintenance?

Many have always wondered how to add pokéstop, at least to have the possibility to take close to home the ball and the tools.

After more than four months after its launch, something about it seems to have moved, the players seem to be able to add pokéstop to the map of the pokémon Go. Let's see how they managed in this half of the company.

We already talked about the close relationship between the two securities, Niantic, Ingress, and pokémon Go. Portals in Ingress are often transformed automatically from Niantic in pokéstop and gyms, now some players seem to have discovered how.

Capture more Pokémon rare exploiting the map to Ingress

It seems that mainly the portals with images are chosen from Niantic, and that the map of pokémon Go continue to have a close relationship with that of Ingress. In fact, it seems that Niantic will continue to add pokéstop and gyms, based on the portals that are fitted with images.

Simple income on the Ingress, and found a portal that is not supplied to the image: take a photo of an interesting element present in the location, an artistic element, the photo of a government office, post, or place of public interest.

Avoid posting photos of commercial establishments, also the team of Ingress is usually very attentive, so if you insert a photo taken in another place probably will not pass the moderation, and even more difficult to become a pokéstop. Also enter a detailed description, preferably in English language. The team Entrance will moderate the photos and if the will accept will become the photo of the portal, from this point onwards, you have about a 50% chance that within two weeks of ideas about the pokémon Go a pokéstop in that position with your photos.

A user community Reddit, The (and forget about job Road, has added photos to the 12 portals, and found that five have become pokéstop and a gym.

If you are looking for more information here is the link to the source.

Let us know if you have tried this way to add the pokéstop and if you have had success.

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