Action Cam scuba Diving: the best to buy


Published on Jun 13, 2018


Look for an Action Cam underwater can seem almost taken for granted, how many of you really know what are the models that offer this feature without having to use a protective case? The most interesting feature of the models that we see today, in fact, is precisely this: to be able to ensure excellent performance even under the surface of the water as they come out of the box.

In commerce there are many models of the Action Cam underwater, sometimes also very cheap. If you are looking for, however the quality, you wouldn't want to know about which products to get your bearings? Well, today we will leave aside the research of the quality/price ratio, which has always distinguished us, to show you the best models of Action Camera underwater available on the market.

Of course, if a mid-range model or a low will be worthy to enter the ranking, we will put without too many problems. So let us start our discovery of these products, really interesting and the technical characteristics of the first level.

GoPro is on the crest of the wave and produces products that, despite the higher price of the competitors placing well in the markets of all the world. The merit is of the quality of the devices, really head and shoulders above the others.

HERO 6 the Black is a really good Action Cam underwater, and is capable of recording video in 4K up to 60fps, with image stabilization available, however, only up to 30fps. Without the protective case you can take this Action Camera from up to 10 metres deep, more than sufficient for most users.

The photographic section is of high standard, with a sensor of 12 MP that can shoot in RAW format. Also supplied with a touch screen from 2 inch and the ability to shoot slow motion in Full HD at up to 240fps.

If it were not for its price, definitely above average of the sector, this VIRB 360 could easily be the best Action Cam underwater to this list. It is, in fact, a device that can record video at 360° in the 5K, with the ability to submerge it without any problems up to 10 meters of depth.

Within it are hidden a lot of sensors: barometer, accelerometer, compass and GPS are just a few of these and help to raise the level of this Action Camera underwater. Also the microphones are of high quality, positioned in four different points are able to provide an experience 360° sound.

What about then, if not that it is a product of the highest level, equipped with lots of extras but with a price that will make many turn up their noses.

The rugged products are very much appreciated by adventurers, especially when, to the extreme resistance to associate the technical characteristics of high level and a competitive price.

This Action Cam underwater, in fact, is waterproof up to 30 meters without the need to use a protective case. To this is then added to the drop resistance, the endurance of a load of 100 kg and a temperature range that can reach up to -10° C.

Also the video reflect the rest of the technical diagram, with a maximum resolution of 4K at 30fps, or the ability to take advantage of the Full HD, this time at 60fps. A lot of the internal sensors, which include GPS, compass, barometer, accelerometer, and thermometer.

If you are looking for an Action Cam underwater, which is compact and able to withstand the diving without the need to use an outer shell, GoPro HERO 5 Session is definitely the best choice.

The video can be recorded at a maximum resolution of 4K at 30fps, while if you decide to use the Full HD, you'll have the ability to record up to 90fps. The photos are of good quality thanks to the sensor to 10 MP, which captures in an appropriate way the light and always manages to give high-level details.

A surprise the presence of the integrated Wi-Fi that, in a device with such small, can still ensure a direct connection with the smartphone.

GoPro has released in 2018 is also a device much cheaper than that of the tip. In this case, giving up to 4K resolution and focusing on one at 1440p, we were able to obtain a balanced product, that will make happy many users.

Record video in 2K at 60fps, in fact, makes this Action Cam underwater perfect for those on a limited budget but tries, however, a device of high quality. To the rear there is a touch screen by 2 inches, which makes the use of this Action Cam is really intuitive. To share the recorded video then, there is the now well-proven official app.

Ricoh is among the models of the Action Cam waterproof that we have seen until now, it represents a voice outside the chorus. Starting from the design, which is unusual for this kind of product, up to the colors used for the body.

However, this is a product that offers a lot of substance, thanks to the possibility to go up to 20 meters without the protective case and to record videos in 4K at 30fps, moreover, with the aid of the stabilization. These features are really not bad, especially considering the price, very competitive.

We close our collection dedicated to the Action Camera diving, with this model made by Garmin. VIRB XE has a really attractive design, which goes hand in hand with the technical characteristics of excellent quality, castrated only by the lack of 4K resolution.

You can bring this device up to 50 meters of depth without the use of a protective case. the maximum resolution at Full HD at 60fps, more than enough if you do not have to do professional shots.

Interesting Smart features, which are the presence of GPS, compass, temperature sensor and accelerometer. Compared to competitors, thanks to the support for the ANT+ technology, allows you to pair the knock sensors, smartwatch, or microphones the Bluetooth.

We arrived at the end of our guide dedicated to the best Action Camera diving. We are sure that you will find among those that we have presented the model most suited to your needs, even if your budget is not very high.

Then if you want to know other types of products that will enable you to record video or take photos, we leave you some articles that we have written and that you will surely find interesting.

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