Action Cam 4K: the best to buy

Published on Jun 11, 2018

The explosion of the market of Action Camera that has meant that the store across the web were flooded with dozens of models, often also very cheap. This, however, has penalized those users who are looking for a high quality product.

The Action Cam 4K despite the fact that they bring with them the prices are definitely higher than average, ensuring a quality of filming that is without equal. However, in this case we are not talking about Action Camera 4K economic, because this type of network you will find them galore. What we will do today will be to concentrate on the best models of the Action Cam 4K and to draw up a ranking that can help you during the purchase.

Than usual, when we are very attentive to the quality/price ratio, privilegeremo the absolute quality and one that all athletes, extreme and not, would like to find in your Action Camera 4K. Are you ready to start our journey?

GoPro has become the go-to brand for those looking for an Action Cam 4K of absolute quality. In this case, with HERO6, the characteristics of the already high level of GoPro Hero5 have been greatly exceeded.

Without any doubt this is the best Action Camera currently available on the market, with carefully-chosen details, and the ability to shoot video in 4K at 60fps. Not to be underestimated, the water-resistance of up to 10 meters (without housing) up to 30 meters with the use of the special cover.

Finally, on the back, there is a touch screen, 2.0 inch, controllable via gestures. Well done the application QuickStories, to never lose track of all of your videos and photos.

Now we know that when Sony decides to enter a sector that is difficult to miss the blow, indeed, sometimes introduces products that are also too close to the industry Pro and not understood by the average user. This Action Cam 4K is a real concentrate of technology, with a sensor well 1-inch and Zeiss lenses.

The portfolio video is without a doubt amazing, with the ability to record slow motion at 1000fps in full HD resolution. There is obviously support 4K for movies of high quality. The only problem, as we expected, the price, perhaps the highest in the category.

Also in this case, the water resistance is up to 10 meters without a case, while the special case is protective, it is possible to reach the record figure of 100 metres.

With the arrival of the new model, the GoPro HERO5 has fallen decidedly in price but has not lost its quality. This could be an excellent Action Cam 4K for those looking for performance close to the top with prices human.

Does not change with respect to the eldest sister, water-resistance, which allows to reach the same depth of 10 meters without the protective case. With the use of this accessory rises to 30 meters. Slightly lower the video quality in 4K that can be registered “only” up to 30fps.

Not missing, however, is the ability to take photos in RAW format, thanks to the very good sensor from the 12 MP. Thumbs up also for what concerns the autonomy: GoPro, in fact, declares that the estimate is equal to 3 hours of use with one charge.

If you think that the TomTom is a company that produces only satellite navigation devices and fitness trackers you are gravely mistaken. This Action Cam 4K is a small concentrate of technology, which is perfect especially to find a place over your helmet.

Despite full-resolution videos can be shot at 15fps, the quality of the filming is really good, also thanks to the work software done by the company. Interesting is the presence of both the GPS and the motion sensor, which greatly simplify the phases of the recording.

If you are a fan of the style of the GoPro but don't want to spend a lot of money on your new Action Camera 4K, YI, emerging brand from China, provides you with a great opportunity with this YI 4K+.

In spite of the surprisingly low price, the technical features of the offers are really good, starting with its ability to record video in 4K at 60fps, really nothing bad in this price range.

Also interesting is the presence of the voice commands that, however, sometimes seem to throw tantrums, while the touch screen is large and easy to use. Don't forget, if you want to take it under water with you, buy a waterproof case.

Are you looking for an Action Camera 4K rugged that you can accompany, even in the most inhospitable on the face of the earth? Olympus has the right solution for you! It is a compact device that integrates a display swivel, to give you the best point of view.

Really interesting technical features, that allow you to shoot video in 4K up to 30fps, and not to be underestimated is the possibility to use a wide angle lens 204° vision. To complete the whole we think the price is really attractive for this kind of product.

It ends with the model that we have already previously seen the offer of the Action Cam 4K made by Sony. According to the manufacturer, this FDR-X3000 should be up to 3 times more precise of the previous models thanks to SteadyShot for image stabilization.

The Zeiss lenses are definitely an added value, which allows you to record clear video even and free from light reflections, which at times characterise these products. Particular attention was paid to the audio quality, with measures that reduce the noise of the wind and the background noise.

The model VIRB original was one of the first to introduce on the Action Cam 4K the GPS and the motion sensor. This evolution further enhances, adding image stabilization, 3-axis, high-quality microphones and a force sensor G.

The most interesting function is the voice control, which allows you to use the commands simply by using your voice. Very good video quality, which focuses on 4K resolution at 30fps, while the synchronization is really intuitive, thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi to an application really well done.

This is perhaps the model of Action Camera that's 4K more points on the quality/price ratio. It's not every day, in fact, be able to record 4K video HDR with figures more than halved compared to the competitors.

It does not end here then: on board: indeed, there are an LCD screen, located in the rear part, and a mode to record slow motion in 240fps. Not to be underestimated even the design, which makes this Olfi one.five one of the products most compact of its category.

Nikon is a brand that everyone knows, especially for the quality of dslr, mirrorless and compact cameras. What we're presenting is the best performing of the series KeyMission, dedicated to a type of Action Camera really particular.

With the advent of the content in virtual reality, in fact, more and more users are interested in creating videos and in which they immerse the viewer in the heart of the action. As the name suggests, KeyMission 360 offers a field-of-view spherical, that will log all the environment that surrounds you.

In addition to these features are the water resistance and the ability to record video in 4K, as well as take pictures with the sensor 24 MP. In view of the lack of a display, however, all the changes that you want to make to the settings will be transmitted via the app.

For the moment, the end of the journey in the fantastic world of the best Action Cam 4K. The models that we have proposed are valid for all the tastes and for all budgets, leaving then only the doubt of the choice.

In the meantime, if you want to take a look at camera models that veers more on the classic, we advise you to read these articles.

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