Action Cam 4K 60 euro. Is it worth it?

Published on Jan 27, 2016

After having established itself on the market of the telephony, Elephone has launched its first Action Cam ELE Explorer 4K, small and lightweight with a very attractive price, especially when compared to that of the most noble of the GoPro.


The room will come in a cardboard box-hard the first time you open it will show you the Action Cam already inserted into its waterproof case (up to 30 metres). In addition to the case watertight, inside you will find several accessories more or less useful as an adhesive for helmet, handlebar mount, and much more. The value of these accessories on Amazon is about 20/30 euros.


Aesthetically it is very similar to other Action Cam chinese, with a plastic body very light, a series of keys to move around in the various menus, turn on the WiFi and give the OK. Unlike some competitors, the most famous, the Explorer has a display of about 2", not super defined but still very good to understand if the shot is the one you want.

To top it all there is a of a rubber that wraps around the camera for the profile to increase the grip, excellent for shooting without any kind of support.


In addition to the already mentioned WiFi and combined with a dedicated App will let you manage different parameters, review your shots and have a wider overview about the shot, is the entrance to the Micro SD card (maximum 64GB), and the input Micro-USB+Micro-HDMI to connect the camera directly to the TV. The cable and the Micro SD card are not included but are available for purchase directly from the seller for a few euros.

Autonomy and quality video

The autonomy is very variable according to weather conditions, but unless you're at the North Pole you can record video for at least an hour and a half. Are now easy to find spare batteries for a few euros. The video quality is definitely the crucial point of any Action Cam on the box is highly praised in the resolution 4K Ultra HD, which is present but qualitatively poor.The frame-rate at this resolution is only 15fps, so not enough to record moving subjects or sessions of MTB. On the contrary, the other resolutions are more than good, especially considering the quality-price ratio.

The now award-consecrated FullHD 1080p is sufficient, however, to shoot beautiful movies for you to review on your TV or on the PC, and for the more/less demanding there are resolutions to be intermediate as the 2K (30fps and 720p (120/60/30fps). The photos are taken at 16 Megapixels, and are of good quality, but not exceptional. Needless to say, like all the Action Cam to be the best in optimum light conditions, while the sun goes down, the quality drops dramatically, even if it is a defect common to all Action Cam.


Action Cam ELE Explorer 4K is a great Action Cam, low-cost, especially if compared to the GoPro's entry-level that costs twice as much. The recordings in 4K do not reach the sufficiency, but the best if he does it in 2K and full hd, with vivid colors and a good definition. The WiFi is definitely an added value, and it's hard to find a valid alternative branded at the same price.

You can buy the Explorer 4K from here to just over 60 euros with free shipping.




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