Acestream on Kodi: a guide to the installation of Plexus

Published on Jan 10, 2018

We have already talked about it in depth of Acestream, the preferred way for pirates to see the matches in streaming for free. The pirates, instead, who prefer to pay small amounts monthly use lists iptv private remember that to be illegal and very dangerous.

Today, however, we talk about Acestream and Kodi. In this guide we will how do I get good streams Acestream on Kodi.

In many use Kodi on TV-Box with Android connected to TV, you have to admit, in effect, that to see the matches on a large television screen is much more satisfying. If you want to make smart your TV on a low budget, you can take a look at our guide to the best TV Box in the market in every price range.

Kodi works really well on Fire Stick TV Amazon, to learn more about the installation please refer to our guide.

Please remember that Acestream and Kodi as torrents are not illegal in and of themselves, but are the applications that you can also make a use illegal. We recommend that you avoid doing the pirates and use one of the many offerings to see the games on your PC on your TV.

See the games streaming on a line slow and unstable, can be a very bad experience for this if you have a network that often goes below the 8 Mb/s (you can check with a simple speedtest), you should consider switching to Fiber seen that with the new contracts, you pay less than with the old ADSL (and then you could save while having a line fit to the stream).

Many international portals when you talk about Kodi and streaming not hesitate to recommend a VPN to safeguard your privacy and improve streaming, you can know what is true by consulting our exploration.

We turn now to a Plexus, its installation to its usage.

Plexus is an addon not in the official Kodi that allows you to use the streams P2P (not just Acestream but Sopcast).

This addon is necessary because of its Kodi is not able to manage this type of flows, but are more used for streaming of the matches because of their stability.

As you know very well who knows Acestream streams P2P are more stable than others because they are collaborative, therefore, a greater number of people connected, does not collapse the server (as in the case of the lists of IPTV to the public) but instead improves vision for all.

The installation of Plexus is really simple, the addon is perfectly compatible with both Kodi 16 that with Kodi 17.x Krypton. Here are the few steps needed for the installation:

For those who have difficulty to use the packages .zip (that are not practical on iOS devices and on the Fire TV stick), you should install the Plexus from the repository, the procedure is very simple, and the package of Plexus is available on different repos, italians and foreigners (see our complete list of the best repositories).

Once installed and properly configured Plexus, in fact you will see very little, once you have clicked on a link Acestream or Sopcast will start the pre-buffering and then the direct.

The flows of P2P are really popular and present in a large number of add-on private, dedicated to the streaming of the sports events and football, we have already treated the best in a previous post that we invite you to refer to.

Our guide on how to see the streams Acestream on Kodi has come to its conclusion, we hope to be able to be clear concise and to the point. If you have any doubts or some remarks, please do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

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