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Published on Sep 10, 2016


AccuBattery is a new Android application that is designed to make it as simple as possible and keep the battery in best possible condition. Research has, time and time again shown that recharge the device up to 80%, not only reduces the wear and tear of the battery, but allows you to save on the amount of charging cycles that the device uses in the long term, thereby prolonging the life of the battery.

AccuBattery is designed to provide users with the most information about their batteries: how much is the actual capacity of the charge inside the battery, or which apps have used the most charge. Accuracy and precision are the goal and AccuBattery will tell you how much electrical energy, but each app has used, in addition to provide users with many tips tips and tricks to extend the life of their battery.

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AccuBattery works better the longer it is used, and is the kind of application that will help users to take better advantage of their batteries and to understand better how the world works are often confused of the battery life on Android.


AccuBattery is an application with many facets that can do a lot for users, no matter what they want to do with their devices. One of the useful things of which it is capable is the ability to notify the charging to 80% of the battery. This is because AccuBattery has carried out extensive research about the wear of the battery of a smartphone. As many of you know, the batteries inside our smartphones are designed to last a certain amount of cycles, and recharge the device too often or overburden can enjoy faster recharge cycles of the battery.

That's why AccuBattery provides a motifica reached 80% of the charge. 80% is the recommended charge level but you can change the alarm level of the charge in the way that you prefer. Modifying it, AccuBattery will adjust the estimate of battery life as a result.

To charge your device is one thing, but we all know that there is much more. This is the reason why it is nice to see that AccuBattery has some of the best battery stats for an app no-root. AccuBattery gets its data directly from the charge controller of the battery of Android, rather than from the estimates that Android presents to the user.

You will notice the tips and tricks scattered here and there in the interface, and this is very useful, because for a lot of people may see this as an app difficult to use, but the usability of the user interface and the tips they will definitely help you users to extricate himself from the options.

It is obvious, however, that AccuBattery is an app devoted to more advanced users and those who seek greater control over their battery life, but it is not even too complicated for the common user. In reality, there is much to be said for an app like this that teaches users how to work the duration of the battery and because the battery behaves as it should. For those who are or developers of the applications themselves, or wants a more in-depth, AccuBattery has a window in the overlay to show users real-time data of discharge of the battery.

The amount of energy used by each app is shown with accuracy. This, together with the statistics of use, average battery life, makes AccuBattery simple enough for those who want to see, at a glance, how and what is affecting their battery as well as how much autonomy can expect when loaded.

It's definitely good to have all of this information neatly arranged in a nice interface, but not everyone will want to open and close constantly the app which would probably lead to greater consumption of battery in the long run. And here is where the game enters the persistent notification. Can be adjusted in the settings, but many users will appreciate as it gives information on the battery, including the way in which the battery is used every time.

Among the multitude of similar applications, AccuBattery offers users a lot of information on their batteries, including the health of the battery, and dispenses good advice to help you prolong the life of the battery as well as to inform users of the applications and settings that will contribute to a longer battery life linear.

With a simple notification and easy-to-use, this is one of the best applications to keep an eye on the battery. You might think that it is the type of application used only by experienced users, but you may not think this is the case and the nice thing about the AccuBattery is that it makes available vital information without complicating things or confuse those who may not be familiar with this kind of things.

AccuBattery is perhaps one of the most complete applications that makes it enjoyable and easy to use to keep track of the battery use, and so, without promising to revolutionize the life of the battery. With the overlap of the window and the notification of the charge, AccuBattery makes it easy to take care of the battery and in the case of the overlap of the window, allows developers to see how efficient or inefficient is their application, which often is a big problem, because users are very keen to the length of their battery.

AccuBattery is an application that will help people take control of their smartphone's battery life, and does so without promising the impossible.

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