Accessories Netatmo home smart on offer for a few hours


Published on Jul 16, 2018


Also, Netatmo is participating in the Amazon Prime Day and puts in offer different products including security cameras, thermostats, smart, and much more.

For you to buy on offer these products it is necessary to have an Amazon Prime account.

Netatmo Welcome

Welcome is an advanced security camera compatible with iPhone and produced by Netatmo. It is a video camera that takes advantage of technologies to the AI and facial recognition, to offer the maximum safety to the users. Welcome sends the names of the persons identified on the smartphone of the user in such a way as to know exactly who is on the house, if the family or a stranger.

The camera Netatmo Welcome is now available on offer from 199€ 129,99€.

Netatmo Presence

Positioned on the outside of the house, Presence analyses in real time if someone is around the house, if a car comes in the driveway or an animal is in the yard, and is able to understand what he sees, and notify the user if it detects something in the monitored area.

The camera Netatmo Presence is now available on offer from 299€ 209,99€.

Weather Station

Thanks to the Weather Station, Netatmo and network Weathermap, users can receive accurate information and local weather all over the world, from the temperature to the rainfall.

The Weather Station for Smartphones Netatmo and its accessories provide a complete solution to observe the weather conditions and ultra-local. Monitor the environmental elements, both internal and external, including temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality and noise pollution. All of the information that are provided via the smartphone of the user allowing them to improve their well-being in the home and adapt their outdoor activities.

The Weather station, Netatmo is now available on offer from 169€ 114,99€.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

Healthy Home Coach is a smart device that allows you to keep under control the home's air quality, humidity, temperature, and noise. Keeps track of the major elements of environmental interiors,highlighting potential problems, and informing the user on how to solve them. The device then provides tailored advice for the well-being of every member of the family, especially in the presence of infants or people who suffer from asthma.

The device is now available on offer from 99.99€ 79,19€.

Thermostat Starck

Thermostat Netatmo allows the user to control the heating via mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet, or Pc and Mac. Can be set to reflect the habits of the one who uses it. For maximum comfort, you can predict the beginning of the start-up of the heating depending on the degree of insulation and the temperature outside the apartment. The user can thus benefit from the thermal condition, ideal at the right time.

The device is now available on offer from 179,99€ 119,99€.

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