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Published on Sep 20, 2018


The Action Cam have been a huge success, much to be preferred even to the normal cameras. The reason for this? They are very loved by the users because of the compact size, the graphic quality of photos and video, and the versatility that they enjoy. The Action Cam, in particular the models of GoPro, they are used primarily by sports enthusiasts, because they allow you to breathtaking footage. With normal cameras, in fact, you will hardly get to make videos are always different and original.

However, in order to exploit the full potential of these devices, you need to use some specific accessories. We decided, therefore, to achieve a guide of the best accessories for GoPro and Action Cam, so as to help you in the purchase of these items.

Have you ever wondered how they make those shots is the envy in the first person about the stunning landscapes? The secret these are the Action Cam that, thanks to its versatility and the wide-angle lens allow you to do this type of video and photos. To make the most of them, however, you need to use accessories that will allow you to hook them to vehicles and people.

The models of GoPro have inspired many companies that produced their products according to the philosophy of the manufacturer. All accessories of the third-party companies, in fact, use the screw attack to 1/4 of an inch as the attack a “universal”. In this guide, then, there are only universal accessories for Action Cam with the attack the owner of the GoPro.

If your Action Cam is not equipped with this type of attack, you can buy this convenient adapter that allows you to use all the accessories also with the models that are not compatible.

Using these accessories is really simple. The selfie stick and tripod, in fact, are identical to those used for smartphones or for normal cameras. Accessories wearable, instead, they can be hooked on the helmet, on the dashboard of the bike, on the windscreen of their car and even on your own body.

This bag for Action Cam is part of a line of products made directly from Amazon, characterized by a quality/price ratio not bad, really. It allows you to input two cameras and various accessories. In the upper part there is a network that allows you to accommodate the various cables charging and data transfer, while the lower part is made of protective foam with slots for accessories.

The bag is made of a rigid material and is equipped with a strap that makes it comfortable to transport.

Case Logic is one of the most famous manufacturers of backpacks and bags for technology. The model that we propose has been designed and built specifically for the carriage of the Action Cam. It is, in fact, is equipped with excellent padding to protect the camera, the accessories and various cables. The inserts in the hook-and-loop can be edited and moved to your liking, so you can adapt it perfectly to your needs.

In the upper part there are the slots for SD cards and batteries. Also, unlike the model seen above, there is a convenient pocket with a zipper to insert the cables charging and data transfer.

The first selfie stick that we offer is the Floating Grip product from the APEMAN. The products of this company are characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio. This type of objects allows you to resume themselves and to sustain your Action Cam. The Floating Grip is waterproof and it floats, but it is not possible to stretch it. This feature allows you not to lose your camera when you are in the water.

In addition, it is equipped with a handy strap, adjustable to attach to your wrist. Not being adjustable, this model is especially suitable for those who want to make stable shots with the subject not far from the bedroom.

Are used to diving and you want a selfie stick is not extendable? Then this is the product that is definitely made for you!

It is a product made by APEMAN, the manufacturer previously seen. The model SS150 differs from the Floating Grip for the materials used and the purpose for which it is designed. In fact, it is made with an aluminium body and a handle of the sponge that ensures a secure grip and firm.

The length of the stick is 21.6 cm, but can be extended up to the maximum length of 71 cm. The product appears robust and is characterized by an excellent build quality. In addition, it features a strap adjustable to secure it to your wrist. The APEMAN SS150 is designed especially for shooting subjects far away.

AUKEY has always offered to its users of the products with a quality/price ratio is the envy of. This mini tripod is no less. The peculiarity of this object is that it is a tripod that is completely flexible. In this way, you can adapt it perfectly to each position and at each terrain type. You can hook it also to the bike and use it as a stick for the selfie, as the material from which it is made ensures a secure grip and firm.

It is compatible with the attack on GoPro screw by 1/4 of an inch. In addition, the package provides some adapters that will allow you to attack even your smartphone.

Are you looking for a tripod convenient to carry and fit perfectly in every situation? Then the choice falls on the GorillaPod Joby. It is a flexible tripod that can be easily adapted to each location. The feet of the GorillaPod are completely flexible and this allows you to keep stable the action cam on any terrain.

The tripod weighs only 46 grams, but is capable of supporting cameras with a maximum weight of 325 grams. When closed, it can also be used as a selfie stick to record a vlog, as it guarantees an excellent grip. Thanks to all these features, this model stands as the best tripods for travel and not only.

We could not recommend a good wrist strap to keep firmly your Action Cam. It allows you to make shots without having to hold the camera in hand. This accessory is particularly indicated for those who are used to cycling or for those who practice surfing. Also, thanks to this wrist strap, you can rotate the camera of 180° in order to adapt the resume to your needs.

This is a set of two accessories really interesting. The first is the GoPro Headstrap, a head band that lets you attach the Action Cam on your forehead safely. In this way you can shoot everything which you are looking, and, thanks to the wide-angle lens you can make shots which is the envy of any person.

The second is the GoPro Quickclip, a simple clip that clips to your hat. In addition, you can attach it also to the shoulder of the backpack, in order to perform a recovery to the height of the bust. The selling price is very low, especially if you consider the fact that it is a set of two products made directly from GoPro.

We come now to an accessory of very special. The Mantona Chest is a sling that is formed by elastic bands with a plastic plate equipped with a slot for your Action Cam. It is possible to mount the support for your camera on the front of the harness. Fortunately, the support is sold directly to the inside of the package.

This accessory is particularly indicated for those who practice surf or ski, and allows you to shoot height, bust, taking up both the arms and the legs of the person wearing the sling.

Our guide on the best accessories for the Action Cam and the GoPro was useful? Then why not take a look to the other purchasing guides? You can find all our purchasing guides on the best cameras at this address.




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