Accessories for hair, bridal hairstyles, unique (PHOTO)

Published on May 27, 2016

Bought the dress, chosen the shoes, comes the time for the bride to think of one of the most important elements to the hair. For every woman, hair is sacred, and for the big day it's important to put them in the best of ways because they are comfortable, but especially because they enhance the face.

The right hairstyle is a good frame for the face, but to make a real masterpiece the ideal is to bet on some accessories to put in her hair. From the catwalks of the biggest fashion houses from bride arrive a diverse inspirations.

Just a little to feel like a queen next to their prince charming and with a diadem on the head the success is assured. A true cascade of crystals or pearls and silver placed on the head are perfect because the light-giving, and may serve to hold the veil. The crown is not only an element of fairy-tale, but can also be inspired by the ancient greeks with leaves and golden flowers, that brighten up the face and give the bride a divine charm.

Nothing is more versatile than a firm hair, it suits any hairstyle and is perfect for those who prefer to wear hair loose. Between the decorations and precious stones, the clasp remains a classic to write down on one of the two sides. The chignon is definitely one of the hairstyles more common for the bride and to make it more special, you can bet on a simple white bow, as he proposed on the catwalks of Oscar De La Renta, or you can wrap the “pacifier” in a clip in the regal, that wrap around the hair, forming a crown of locks, and diamond, as presented Alon Livne.
For those who tip on the plots, Reem Acra is wear to his models as an accessory for a braid, gleaming with silver and pearls that recalls the charm of an enchanted fairy.

Bouqet of flowers
The bunch of flowers in hand is a cliché that is repeated for too much time, so why not surprise everyone and wear it in the head? Between the hair you can have a rainbow of colors to hold up the veil, this is the idea of Naeem Khan, who brings to the fore the indian fashion, of its origins, in which the brides are the usual acconciarsi its flowers are large and showy and not to take anything in hand.
Of course, sometimes you just need a touch, Oscar De La Renta features a simple bouquet of three roses made of organza that give a charm of bon ton to the bride, leaving it free in its movements.

In addition to the clip, the band is another of the timeless accessories are loved by every bride to embellish their hairstyles. Among precious stones, details in lace or satin and decoration, the choice is really wide. The band always puts with each hairdo, has the advantage of pulling back the hair and hold so that they do not fall on the face during the ceremony and not bother the user during the long day of receipt. In short, it is a certainty, where the place is.

Sometimes the hairdresser is so good at braiding the bride's hair that there is no need to add anything, or almost.
To enhance the hairstyle often, it is usual to add in the points more visible crystals or pearls, but there are also applications that are more original. The butterflies bring to mind femininity and are the symbol of freedom, of those who chose to take flight with your man for the whole life. Ines Di Santo offers a set of butterflies of various sizes, made of white fabric that can be placed to give a touch of enchanted to your hairstyle.
To express delicacy, instead, we think Carolina Herrera with its applications to the floral theme that are becoming a Nymph anyone who wears it, giving an air of the refined and at the same time recall the light-heartedness of the summer season.

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