Absolute Carnage: Panini announces the variant cover of Zerocalcare


Published on Dec 05, 2019


In January 2020 will debut in Italy thanks to Panini Comics, the new crossover dedicated to the symbionts of the house and Marvel: Absolute Carnage. As previously announced, the mini-series crossover originally made up of 5 numbers will be published by Panini in 3 numbers, to the series, Marvel Miniseries.

But Panini Comics is not to stop with the news concerning the event, in fact, now he has announced that each number in the Italian version of the story, it will be available with an alternative cover designed by Zerocalcare, a comic-style, unique and recognizable. The three covers can be merged at a later time to compose an illustration that is special made specifically for the Italian edition of the comic.

Absolute... ZERO! The three issues of the miniseries, in the ABSOLUTE CARNAGE you can expect to be starting in January also in the three special cover B, made by @zerocalcare, which, together, will make up a special picture just for the Italian edition. And it's not over here! We have more to show you! Stay tuned! #AbsoluteCarnage #MarvelZero #PaniniMarvel #PaniniComics

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Absolute Carnage will see the texts Donny Cates, already responsible for having raised to the Venom by developing a backstory completely new to the symbiont, shades horror. The writer will team with Ryan Stegman who will take care of the drawings and sceneggerĂ  a story inspired by a particularly event-the classics of the past Marvel as Maximum Carnage.

Among all the symbiotic Carnage has always been the most dreaded and this time will be more dangerous than ever. It will have only one mission, and all those who have worn the symbiont, at least once are in grave danger. In more recent times, Cletus Kasady has kept a low profile in the Marvel Universe, but now he will make his return in a story of gigantic proportions.

Exactly like the most classic of the Marvel crossover, Absolute Carnage is no exception, and the story told in the miniseries will be largely in-depth on other tested through a series of different tie-in, which is taking place from Amazing Spider-Man, Venom, Deadpool, Hulk, and on nearly all tested Marvel!

Absolute Carnage: Panini announces the variant cover of Zerocalcare is




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